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Your Needs are Our Focus

Building and strengthening our customer relationships has always been a primary focus for us at ELM, and that has been more true than ever in 2020. This year, the ELM team was laser-focused on identifying and implementing solutions to help everyone be more efficient and resilient.

We expanded our outreach to our customers, listened to their needs and challenges, and responded quickly to highlight key pieces of current functionality (like the ability to change disbursement dates on multiple loans) while also implementing new features (like the ability to change loan periods on multiple loans). When other systems didn’t provide this functionality, we made sure that ELMOne could. Saving you time is always top-of-mind with us!

It’s all connected to our core value of continuous improvement. And, one of the ways we identify what’s next is through surveys. The most recent is our School Satisfaction Survey for 2020.

And…the results are in!

We are delighted to announce that our overall School Satisfaction rating with ELM's products and services is at 96.5% for 2020, marking the 10th year in a row of a satisfaction rating of 95% and higher. Here are some highlights of the outstanding feedback from our school customers:

"ELM is THE BEST! It makes processing loans quick and easy! I could not recommend it any higher or any more!"

"Any interactions that I've had with staff has been top notch. Not just sometimes, but all the time. I know that if I have a question or an issue, it will be resolved and/or will be pointed in the right direction. Thank you!"

"Your folks are awesome!! I like the friendly, expert and professional service. I've worked with ELM forever."

A special THANKS to each of our school customers for your trust in us. We will continue to focus each day on providing you the best possible products and services and continuing to find ways to enhance your overall experience. Read more on our Season of Thanks post.

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