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What's New: School Feedback Edition 2022-2023

Last February, we shared the importance of school feedback and its role in helping ELM identify and prioritize future enhancements to our systems, processes, and service to our user community.

This year, we tallied all the feedback, and our overall School Satisfaction rating is over 97%, marking the 12th consecutive year of 95% and higher satisfaction ratings!

In November, we sent this school satisfaction survey to every person who touches our system or utilizes our solution—so it went to thousands of users who interact with ELM in one way or another.

Here are some of the results we received:

  • We had a record-high response rate!

  • We received great feedback on the webinars we currently host and even got requests for more. We hear you loud and clear — we have more fantastic webinars coming your way this year!

  • We saw great recommendations on how we can enhance some of the features you use every day. We have your back— some exciting enhancements are in the works that will benefit all users.

  • Many of you praised the care you received from our experienced team members. Thank you for trusting us to help you with your processing needs.

Here are some examples of feedback we received this year:

"ELM representatives are courteous, helpful, and have a lot of patience.

"The one thing I value above all else is the excellent customer service I always receive when interacting with any of your associates.”

"I have been working with ELM since 1998 in one way or another. First for processing FFELP Loans primarily, then for processing Private/Alternative Loans. Every step of the way, ELM has gone above and beyond to help us process loans efficiently and maintain substantial compliance with changing regulations."

"Ease of use makes ELM an unbeatable tool. The report exports to Excel work wonderfully in documenting and tracking."

"Because regular processing occurs so easily, so well, and without issue, we rarely need the customer service team, but when we do, they are great! We've been happy ELM users for over 20 years!"

"Live chat is great for resolving issues and questions and the staff has great customer service. Very easy website to navigate."

"You have been a lifesaver when it came to blocking disbursements we cancelled for non-enrollment that weren't cancelled by the lender."

All sources of feedback are taken very seriously by everyone at ELM, and we appreciate the time and effort taken to respond to this latest survey. Our lines are open year-round, so let us know anytime if you have any recommendations or feedback at 866.524.8198 or via e-mail at

The ELM Team

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