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Help Is All Around You

Peak season is here, which means your workdays are getting busier and busier. This time of year is rewarding, but it can also be stressful, right?

You are so committed to your students—working hard to make sure no detail is overlooked and helping to make their dreams of higher education a reality. And while you are focused on your students, we are focused on you! You deserve the best we have to offer, and all of us at ELM are here to help in any way we can.

History Lesson Time

In the '90s, a group of lenders recognized how inefficient the student loan process was — schools having to access each lender's unique platform just to process their students' loans. 'How can we make student loan processing more efficient for universities and colleges?'

That was the fundamental question asked and why ELM was founded in 1994. That's how ELM came to be, but it isn't the whole story. Over ELM's 27 years, we have worked to create and cultivate a culture focused on delivering expertise from every team within the company; help really is all around you.

Let's Break It Down

ELM's National Service Center (NSC) team is the one on the front lines— your main point of contact when you need help. From password resets to system questions to training (and much more), they have your back! They are experts on our systems and have years and years of experience in this industry. They also work closely with our business analysts and software developers to share the feedback they receive from you and the sparked ideas based on their interactions with you.

All of this ensures that we regularly work to enhance our products and services while continuing to exceed your expectations!

Our Growth & Development team members are always looking to provide expertise and care. You probably know them by name (looking at you, Rob, Raina, Scott, and Brendon!) and have seen them at dozens of industry conferences, campuses, or via virtual meetings. This team aims to ensure that colleges and universities nationwide can learn about and get the most from private loan processing solutions while ensuring that current schools get the attention they deserve. Even if you are 'fine' with your current system — you won't believe you waited so long! So, if you haven't yet, ask for a demo.

Behind the Scenes: As you might expect, we have many great people at ELM who work behind the scenes. We can't name them all, but these are the folks that get to design and develop the platform you use every day.

These team members know you even though you've never met them. They are the ones responsible for taking your feedback and making things run faster, more efficiently, and more securely. What results is a robust, reliable, intuitive system that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

No Library Card Needed

Lastly, an entire section within ELMOne is dedicated to helping you learn. Really!

If you like to look at the information first before taking another step, this will be a lifesaver. Here's what you can expect; an entire library of every topic and subject relating to ELMOne and ELMSelect, including videos if you are a visual learner like me, How-To PDFs for those who want written step-by-step instructions, and so much more. Just log into ELMOne and click on the 'Need Help' icon.

We know that your time is valuable, so take advantage of the people at ELM who are as dedicated to your success as you are. We know that we are just a small piece of your day, but we hope we are the ones you can count on the most.

Happy peak!

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