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Happy Holidays From ELM

Dear ELM Colleagues,

As we embark on a new year together, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for this amazing community we have built.


2023 has been a year of growth and learning. We overcame obstacles, innovated new solutions, and learned to adapt to an ever-evolving landscape. Most importantly, we stayed true to our shared mission - empowering schools to focus on what matters — their students.


My wish for all of us in 2024 is that we continue to support each other. 


I look forward to all we will accomplish together in the coming year—I wish you joy, prosperity, and continued impact in 2024!


With gratitude,

Phillip Wade

President and Chief Executive Officer at ELM Resources

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Mar 02

That's a great video! It's a pity I saw it quite late, it would have lifted my spirits before the new year, that's for sure!

I like how you added the text to the video, did you use no watermark video editor for this or how did you do it? I want to make a similar video, just a greeting for my colleague, help me out :)

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