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ELM's Personalized Service Sets Us Apart

Updated: Jan 11

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In today's world, poor customer service has become the norm, whether it's endless phone holds, unanswered emails, or useless chatbots. 

At ELM, we pride ourselves on industry-leading support year after year, as shown by our 96% customer satisfaction score in 2023 - our 13th straight year above 95%. 

Our experts are always available by phone, email, and chat to answer your questions, provide training, and troubleshoot issues. We aim to make private student loan processing seamless, allowing you to focus on what matters - your students. 

In our latest survey that we send every November to thousands of FAOs we work with, we saw some key feedback themes emerge: 

  • Personalized Care: From individual training to timely issue resolution, you said we tailor our world-class service to meet your needs. As one FAO said, "Any time I call ELM, I hang up feeling the person really knew what they were talking about - very rare today!" 

  • Innovative Platform: Based on your feedback, we are constantly upgrading our system with new features and capabilities. Improved reporting and processing efficiency allow you to serve students and staff better.

  • Trusted Guidance: Many said they actively recommend ELM to colleagues because of our knowledgeable, friendly experts who simplify private loan management. Some even assist schools with implementing our solution! 

And, of course, we loved seeing your kind words and stories of how we've made life easier for you over the years. It's feedback like this that makes all the hard work worthwhile: 

"ELM has been great. I have learned a lot since I started [processing private loans] and everyone at ELM has been extremely helpful and friendly.” 

"I recommend ELM daily to my fellow colleagues in the student aid world that have not signed up with ELM yet. I assist schools in setting up their private loan platforms in Banner, and if I find out that they are not using ELM, I send them your way." 

"Integration of ELM into our processes has been fairly seamless. From the Bursar area, it has made loan posting and refund to the lender more efficient." 

So, thank you for being part of the ELM Community - we can't wait for all 2024 has in store!

Our goal is to keep improving through your real-world insights. Together, we'll take customer service to new heights. 

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