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Do More with Less and Save Time Right Now

Meet Hana.

She works for a top-tier university and has been there for 20 years.

Recently, several of her co-workers either retired or left for other opportunities. She became responsible for managing all her school's loans but had difficulty keeping up due to the workload. Hana contacted ELM to see if there was anything she could be doing to be more efficient and maybe get a quick refresher on the system, and of course, we were happy to help!

If you have been tasked to do more with less, like Hana, you are not alone. So many institutions are facing the same dilemma.

We know that managing private student loans may represent only a portion of your time, but persistent or transient inefficiencies can cause significant delays in workflows.

With ELM as your partner, there can be several ways you can utilize ELMOne, our user-friendly workflow system, to ensure you are as efficient as possible when certifying and disbursing private loans.

1. It Starts with a Support Team Dedicated to Your Success

Sometimes you may face a scenario or issue you may not know how to deal with quickly and easily.

Did you know you can get support in many ways, from connecting with other users to dedicated financial aid forums? It's true, you can! However, the best and fastest way to get help is to reach out to any one of our expert support team members— to save you a lot of time and effort. The dedicated ELM teams have abundant experience and extensive knowledge in educational systems. Each member can help you from password resets to resolving issues to personalized training— even if you need a little refresher, just like Hana did.

2. Take Advantage of Automation

Whether you manually process ten loans or need to automate 10,000 loans, our platform can support your workflows to the fullest. ELMOne's unique design evolves with your needs, and shortcuts are integrated to help you save plenty of time.

One way to save time is to simplify your process using ELM's file transfer capability by connecting with your FAM system to upload the data you already have, so you do not have to enter information more than once.

Another way to streamline your workflow is to use ELM's auto-debit function—the most efficient method of returning funds. With this process, you tell us what funds need to go back, and we do the heavy lifting by moving the funds to all applicable lenders.

Our system really can accommodate any scenario you may have.

3. Use Time-Saving Features Created through Feedback from Users Like You

Whether you are in the office or still working remotely, the ELMOne system connects you with the rest of your institution's private loan data and partners.

Some time-saving features of ELMOne include the ability to create and share preset templates with others (to automate those pesky repetitive updates) so you can certify in minutes and not hours.

Not only does ELMOne have all the bells and whistles you need to certify a loan from end to end, but it also keeps you as organized as possible. You can create, customize, schedule, and run essential reports that matter to you in the format you choose. You can also pause disbursements and shift dates on multiple loans at once. Yes, you can do that too!

Like Hana, regardless of your needs or arrangement with ELM, let our tools and services work for you, especially when time does not.

Contact us at or 866.524.8198.

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