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3 Reasons We are Excited for NASFAA'S National Conference

Summer is in high gear, strawberries are in abundance, and some areas have excessive heat levels (okay, maybe that last one isn't a reason to celebrate, it's more of an unfortunate reality). June also means the NASFAA National Conference is right around the corner, and we are excited for this upcoming event!

Our team will be at the NASFAA conference in Austin, TX, in person this year. "We attended more than 35 conferences this fall/spring, giving us more face-to-face opportunities to interact with leadership and staff from campuses across the country than in the previous 2 years combined. We had sorely missed that! Our team loves being able to get out there and help schools work smarter and more efficiently," says Brendon Sanger, ELM's VP of Growth & Development.

Here are 3 Reasons We are Excited for NASFAA'S National Conference:

#1 Austin, Texas!

We get the opportunity to see everyone in person, which will make us even happier than eating Austin's famous breakfast tacos (even if we have to brave the heat)! ELM Resources is a proud exhibitor, so please stop by our Booth 601... we'd love to chat with you. And, while you are out there, make sure to check out the Texas capitol, Zilker Park, Congress Avenue Bridge, and the famous Holly neighborhood!

#2 Speakers, Workshops, and Training...Oh My!

The great thing about Financial Aid conferences, and especially the NASFAA National conference, is the ability to connect with peers and learn more about best practices, information about students, and what's next for the Financial Aid industry. Whatever your attendance preference (live or virtual this year) or what you're hoping to take away from the jam-packed conference, NASFAA has an incredible schedule lined up for everyone.

#3 Reconnecting with all of you!

(In picture from Left to Right: Scott Orris, Brendon Sanger, Phillip Wade, Rob Smith, and Raina Chezem)

The live event in Austin, Texas, is guaranteed to be informative, fun, and exciting. But perhaps most importantly, it will also be a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues who are all part of the Financial Aid community. Brendon adds, "More than ever, FAO Administrators are being asked to do more with less and to work more efficiently (and more electronically) than ever, and ELM can help optimize processing to maximize efficiencies across the board. We love helping our schools to become more efficient. Now is the time to let us help navigate these challenging times."

So please take a minute and schedule some time with us if you are attending NASFAA in person. Hope to see you there!

Whether or not you make it to NASFAA in person, we are available and primed for efficiency as we near the summer peak season. Schedule a time with our field team members below:

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