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As the most trusted private student loan management platform in the industry, ELM streamlines processes and unifies schools and lenders through one centralized system.

One company with the one suite that lets schools work with a broad array of lenders in a single processing system. Your ELM Product Suite.

Three easy-to-use technologies complete the package.

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online lender comparisons



student loan management



loan disbursement network


online lender comparisons

With ELMSelect you are a matter of minutes away from establishing lender relationships, branding your lender listings and giving your students the ability to easily understand and navigate the complex choices inherent in researching a student loan.


Lenders keep their own product offerings updated which means you don’t have to. In fact, ELMSelect completely centralizes your list administration providing you self-service, direct lender communications, alerts, and real-time lender product updates.


the best choice for students

ELMSelect makes it easy for a student to navigate the dizzying choices around student loans.

ELMSelect lets students filter the list of preferred lenders across a range of data points and compare them side-by-side using clear and simple tools. And with field level comparisons, the student decides what matters most to them in making their loan choices.

Better still when they’ve completed their research students can begin the loan application process itself right from within ELMSelect with a single click.

ELMSelect is free to use and powered by one of the most trusted names in the industry, ensuring students get free, comprehensive and up-to-date information.



student loan management

ELMNet provides a single interface that supports all of a school's loan certifications, status changes, tracking and reporting for private loans. ELMNet is open and lender-neutral, allowing schools to work with the loan provider of their choice while simplifying their loan process.


ELMNet offers reporting options for schools to assist with reconciliation, disbursements, certification requests and much more. Schools have the flexibility to receive pre-approved, borrower initiated, certification requests via a report or CommonLine file. You can certify loans on ELMNet or send a batch file created from Student Information or your Financial Aid Management System.


manages complex student data

ELMNet saves you time and stress by enabling your school to automate quickly regardless of your technology.

ELMNet puts you in charge. For example, you can receive a certification request only after all application steps have been completed with the lender, or, if you prefer, you can be notified as lenders receive applications. ELMNet enables you to create multiple default data sets per user to save time when certifying loans online with ELMNet.

You can track the status and receive alerts about the progress of each loan from Certification to Disbursement. Or choose your method for sending/receiving data from a variety of formats including Secure FTP and a Secure Electronic Mailbox, all free of charge.


loan disbursement network

ELM National Disbursement Network (NDN) helps schools properly disburse a loan the first time. ELM NDN streamlines your disbursement and return process through a single source while retaining the flexibility to manage the process how you want.


ELM NDN, which is fully integrated with ELMNet, ELM Resources' leading student loan processing platform, allows you to choose the disbursement method that best fits your needs, including EFT, paper check or master check, and it gives you the flexibility of selecting the disbursement dates. ELMNet users can request changes or cancellations to disbursements online - which means fewer phone calls, faxes, or mail, and lower costs for you.


one process for loan disbursement

ELM NDN provides several funding return options - automatic debiting, ACH, wire, or paper checks - as well as fast and accurate automated returns. Your customized profile automates disbursement dates, cancellations, refunds, and reports.


The special Hold and Release functions in ELMNet allow you to control the timing of your disbursements and reduce the likelihood of returns by allowing you to release disbursements either in groups or individually.


ELM NDN provides a choice of roster layout and delivery method including electronic transfer, fax and mail for paper checks as well as a secured electronic mailbox for the sending and receiving of loan disbursements and several return-of-funds options including automatic debiting, ACH, wire or paper checks - as well as fast and accurate automated returns.


our products make us great

our people make us exceptional



Why limit yourself to one person? At ELM you have a whole team dedicated to supporting your needs.  With an average tenure of 14 years, ELM's dedicated and experienced team of industry professionals is at your service!


With the broadest lender list in the industry you can always process through our single channel.


You want the best service in the industry? 

ELM is focused on providing excellent service and it shows with customer satisfactions ratings averaging over 95% since 2009.


As a not-for-profit mutual benefit organization, ELM was established to create efficiencies through technology for the student lending industry and maintains 
that core focus today as the only neutral provider of these services in the industry.


Whether it is via chat, email, phone or an in-person/onsite visit, ELM staff is here and available to make sure you receive answers to all of your questions.​


Continue to experience the revolutionary enhancements ELM will bring as we deliver our 3rd decade of service to the student lending industry.

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