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Celebrating our Amazing ELM Team

ELM was founded in 1994 to help schools and loan providers connect in a much more seamless and efficient way through the use of technology. A major factor in our success over these 26 years is our outstanding and dedicated team. Right now, the average tenure of our team members is over seven years, and over 25% of our team has been with ELM for 10+ years!

During this year’s Season of Thanks campaign, we took advantage of this great opportunity to sit down with 10 of our longest-tenured team members and asked them what’s so special to them about ELM. And, here’s what they had to say!

Karen Cooper: National Service Center Team Lead, 20 Years with ELM

"I love this industry because of the people. We are helping someone every single day. I feel like I'm investing in the future of the people trying to further their education by making the process simpler. "

Cari Kempster: Vice President, Chief People Officer, 13 years with ELM

“Being a part of this exceptional team is really special to me. We are constantly evolving and growing, which keeps my job and responsibilities fresh and interesting. I love learning new things, finding solutions to new challenges, and contributing to the amazing work that we do.”

Ashar Khan: Manager, Technology Services, 12 years with ELM

“What I've always appreciated about ELM is the fact that we always focus on the latest technology. We never stay stagnant. We always push ourselves."

Paulette Leach: Manager, Production Services, 20 years with ELM

“Each day at ELM brings something new, which makes it an exciting place to come each day. There is a friendship and comradery working for the same goals, to assist our customers in any way we can.”

Karen Lee: Assistant Controller, 15 years with ELM

"I appreciate working with the many professionals here at ELM. I’ve learned so much, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything."

Rick Lovell: Vice President, Finance, Accounting & Compliance, 12 years with ELM

"ELM is very unique. Everyone has access to anyone in the company. We’re a close-knit family. We’re such a nimble operation. We listen to the customer and we work hard to turn their requests into reality."

Kirk Nelson: National Service Center Technology & Implementations Lead, 16 Years with ELM

"I love that I get to connect with the people our tools are made for. I get that instant gratification of knowing what a school needs and wants, and I can help them through it. "

Stacey Nibbe-Cadam: Senior Financial Systems Analyst, 20 years with ELM

“ELM is my family. Working here doesn’t feel like work, because it’s such a comfortable place. We are very client focused. Everything we do is to make them happy.”

Sharon Richardson: National Service Center Lender Relations Lead, 14 years with ELM

"Working at ELM is never dull. Working in this industry is never dull. We learn something every single day. There is so much information to know, and it's constantly evolving. We have to stay very nimble, so I've never been told no if I need training. We have a very supportive environment to be able to thrive and grow. I hope to retire with ELM."

Phillip Wade: Chief Executive Officer & President, 12 years with ELM

“Relationship and service are key at ELM with a focus on continuous improvement and technology to support our school and lender clients as the industry grows and changes. We achieve what big companies try to do with a much smaller and highly experienced team, and I am proud of that.”

Cheers to our exceptional team – whether you’ve been with us for one day or over 20 years – we celebrate you and your contributions to our success. We are ELM because of you.

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