ELMSelect 4.0 Lender Overview

ELMSelect Lender Long Description and Product Display Order Overview

February 2020

ELMSelect Lender Long Description Overview

What do I need to do to prepare for this new Lender Long Description feature?

No immediate action is required by lenders when ELMSelect goes live with the Lender Long Description.

ELM will pre-fill your Lender Long Description with your current Lender Description which will display as your Long Description once ELMSelect goes live.

What is the Lender Long Description?

The Lender Long Description is a configurable text field available in ELMSelect Admin and viewable in ELMSelect. This feature allows Lenders to provide up to 10,000 characters of formatted text to describe your Lender program to borrowers in greater detail.

ELMSelect Lender Long List Description View

How to modify a Lender Long Description.

To modify your Lender Long Description, similar to the Additional Product Details, the Lender Long Description configurable text field can be created and edited using “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) tools.

ELMSelect Admin Lender Long List Description Configuration View

NOTE: You will have the ability to format your Lender Long Description via your ELMSelect Lender Administration once the new ELMSelect goes live.

What will happen to the current Lender Description?

The current ELMSelect Lender description in the Lender List View will be shortened to 280 characters.

Additional characters, if available, will be visible when the ELMSelect user hovers over the “…” ellipse

ELMSelect Lender Description “Ellipse Hover Over” View

The new ELMSelect Lender Description will also have a “Read More” button in the Lender List view that when clicked, will take the ELMSelect User to a Lender Long Description.

ELMSelect Lender Description “Read More” View

Tip: ELM recommends you prepare your Lender Long Description content now so that once this new feature goes live you are ready on day 1 to customize your new Lender Long Description.

ELMSelect Product Display Order

What do I need to do to prepare for this new Product Display Order feature?

There is nothing you need to do today. The current order for the product display order is by date that your product was added to ELMSelect Admin.

Once our new release of ELMSelect goes live, you will want to review your product orders in your ELMSelect Admin and make any modifications at that time.

What is the Product Display Order?

Product Display Order will give you the ability to identify the order that products initially display in the product view in ELMSelect. This new feature gives you the leverage and opportunity to display your products search results in an order that meets your business objectives and needs.

Where can I set the Product Display Order?

With the new ELMSelect release lender ELMSelect Admin Users will be able to set the Product Display Order in the ELMSelect Admin via a numeric dropdown box in the Product Detail form. The number you choose will equate to the display order in the search results for your products.

ELMSelect Admin Product Configuration View

Tip: ELM recommends you review your products in advance of the launch to determine how you want to order them once this feature is available.

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