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ELM Resources began in 1994 and is the only not-for-profit mutual benefit corporation serving the student loan industry today, including universities, colleges, and lenders. ELM provides a common, non-proprietary and open data exchange and disbursement system that seamlessly links the diverse computing platforms of schools and lenders through its industry-leading products, ELMNet, and ELM NDN.


ELM also offers a lender comparison solution, ELMSelect, for schools that provide their own custom page to display a recommended lender list and offers students the ability to compare and select the loan that best fits their needs. Over 1,800 campuses use ELM Resources to send and receive loan data for alternative loans with the lender of their choice.


Phillip G. Wade

President &

Chief Executive Officer

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Phillip brings 30 years of business and technology leadership to the role of Chief Executive Officer for ELM Resources.

He lead the growth at ELM over his first ten years leading the Technology and Operations as COO/CIO.

Brendon Sanger

Vice President, Growth & Development

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Brendon Sanger has been working with educational institutions and the companies who serve them for over 25 years. As the VP of Growth and Development, Brendon will utilize his experience to continue to expand ELM’s relationships and partners within the marketplace.

Cari Kempster

Vice President,

Chief People Officer

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Cari Kempster brings over twenty years of business and human resource management experience to her role at ELM Resources. Prior to joining ELM in 2007, Cari worked for the corporate office of Crescent Jewelers and owned and operated a small vocational school with her husband specializing in careers in the information technology and medical fields. 

Gregory Gammino

Director, Informations Security & Data Protection Officer

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Greg has more than 20 years of IT Engineering and Information Security experience.  Prior to joining ELM, Greg led security operations across several industries including Healthcare, Fulfillment and Logistics, IT Consulting, and Higher Education.

For inquiries regarding the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) contact:

Keith Norfleet

Vice President, Technology

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Keith has more than 20 years of experience in software development. He previously worked in the student lending division at JP Morgan Chase and at Collegiate Funding services. Keith graduated from FSU with a bachelor's degree in MIS.

Michael Ward

Vice President, Products & Services

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Michael Ward has 19 years of experience in operations, marketing, product management and strategic partnerships. Prior to joining ELM, Michael worked for several technology companies in the domain name and web hosting industries, including three startups. 

Rick Lovell

Vice President, Finance & Accounting

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Rick has more than 34 years of financial services experience. Prior to joining ELM, Rick held positions of CFO of OneSimpleLoan and Director of Internal Audit for Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation. He also held various professional and management level accounting and audit related positions and holds certifications as Internal Auditor and Financial Services Auditor. 

Board of Directors

Mindy Hager (Chair)

Citizens Bank

Chris McLellan

Outside Director

John Volpini

Sallie Mae

Tim Staley (Vice-Chair)

College Ave Student Loans

Naimesh Patel

PNC Financial Services

Phillip Wade

ELM Resources

Brady Masterson

Discover Student Loans

Suzanna Smiegowski

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Steve Winnie



ELMSelect 4.0 Released; Greatly enhancing lender comparison experience


ELMOne for Lenders completed providing end to end management



Public release of ELMOne for schools simplifying student loan management

ELMSelect 2.0 released, innovating and simplifying the lender and product comparison capabilities


Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) was shut down


ELM Disbursement eclipsed $33 billion annually



ELMSelect lender listing announced

Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2005 changes implemented including Federal Graduate/Professional PLUS loans



ELMNet 3 Released including real-time processing and remote loan inquiry providing schools and borrowers real-time loan status

Web application processing introduced



First loan processed through ELMNet

ELM National disbursement Network was created to facilitate the disbursement process



Our History

improving loan processing since 1994

Education Loan Management Resources (ELM) was established in 1994 by a group of loan providers who were looking for ways to improve loan processing for schools. Back then, there were only proprietary loan delivery systems. Every school had to process their loans based on the lender’s system.

This was highly inefficient for schools since they had to deal with each loan record differently despite the fact that the information transmitted was standardized.

ELM was formed to take advantage of technology to eliminate this inefficiency through the creation of a uniform data exchange network for loan processing.

Today, loan providers that are members of ELM compete on customer-based criteria such as service and product offerings. They are able to utilize ELM’s open, lender-neutral and non-proprietary technology platform to exchange critical loan data with schools efficiently and cost-effectively.

Schools, in turn, benefit from a free, centralized loan delivery platform that allows them to work with any lender or servicer they choose.


providing the best service possible


a strong network to meet your needs

ELM Resources is a membership-based organization. Please contact us for more information on joining the strongest network in the industry, 866-524-8198.


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